Cookie's DJ Mixes range in style of Electro House, Tech House and Progressive House.

Bojan Kukic, also known as cookie, is a DJ from Serbia, born in Vrsac in the year 1987. Bojan grew up listening to various genres of music, but mostly rock and roll, influenced by his father. During his teenage days he began listening to house music, and at the end of high school he goes to the his first major party, his first EXIT festival, which was crucial in his musical development. Passing through the various genres of electronic music, he liked progressive house and tech house the most, and has a great passion for techno. Today, Bojan is a resident DJ in a local club "Time 4 Us”, but also collaborates with other local DJs, as a member of the Association VS DJ Syndicate. Successful as a student, soon he will graduate as IT Major, thinking which way to go in the near future.