Dustin Brown

Dustin Brown took to dance music instantly and never looked back. Upon receiving a mix-tape from Torin Rea in the summer of 1998, Dustin began surrounding himself in the underground culture and the music. Being artistically inspired by house music, Dustin decided to learn the craft for himself and was soon headlining a residency. Dustin acquired a residency In the summer of 2000 at The Red C Lounge, located in San Diego California. It was his first experience in playing for the public, and playing alongside his friends Torin and Kevin, the success was immediate.

Dustin continued the successful residency through the summer of 2006, and numerous guest spots throughout San Diego. Bar Dynamite, Belo, Thin, Onyx Room, and Sidebar are among the numerous venues he has loaned his name and talent to. Dustin also managed to play from Los Angeles, up to Seattle during this time, and has propelled the West Coast Collective brand to the forefront with his Deep, Soul, & Disco House style.

"House music is so pure and loving, and I have yet to find another style of music that inspires people to be so amazing..." says Dustin.

Always evolving as an artist, Dustin continues to expand his repertoire with Downtempo, Ambient Groove, Soul, Funk, and Old School Disco. Dustin's now infamous Tasty Burger Disco House series, have turned many people on to new and exciting music the world over.

Dustin lives in Los Angeles and plays often in Hollywood with the rest of the West Coast Collective, as well as in San Diego. One of the three founding members of West Coast Collective, Dustin embraces the Collective's mission and is always "Uniting People Through Amazing Music."