Plus [+]

This mix is like a very lush landscape from the mountains to the sea and begins with a track from Blue Six called Tropicalia, which perfectly sets the tone for Plus+. This is a sexy selection of many different flavors from Deep House and Electro to Latin and Funk. There is no better way to fill the empty silence and lift your spirits than to chill with this smooth blend.


01 Blue Six - Tropicalia (Eric's 5RW Vocal)
02 Juke Joint - Deelight (Macams Delicious Dub)
03 Simone De Nauw - Luv (Catch Bass Remix)
04 Ikon - Signs (Kid Massive Afrolektrik Vocal Mix)
05 White Collar Criminals - I've Said enough
06 Brett Johnson - Cuckoo (Motor City Soul Remix)
07 RyRalio DJs - Nothing Special (Bandmasters Flight Remix)
08 JT Donaldson - Gone (Club Vocal)
09 Sound Navigators - Shredded Groove
10 Lucas Keizer - Nitty Gritty
11 Jake Childs - King of the Ghetto (Matthew Bandy Mix)
12 Da Funk - Devotion (Replikas Up To End Mix)