Muttonheads DJ Mixes range in style of Electro House, French House and Progressive House.

Since his birth Muttonheads (Jérôme Tissot) has been surrounded by music, his parents introduced him to the world of music as a young child... the mini night club installed in the basement by his father was a big initiating factor :)

Jérôme dropped his synth classes after just a few lessons. Following sheet music wasn't really his thing, but wanted to create! He discovered the 8bits mono sampling on his old Amiga 500 at the beginning of the 90's. He got a hundred or so pieces of music out of that old computer. In 1996, his first machine, a Groovebox MC-303, which he traded pretty quickly for a good sampler and small analog synths.

In terms of influences, Muttonheads have too many to name. Jérôme mainly listen to French electro music, lots of disco and funk with a small preference for Italian disco from the 80's.