Kaskade Tribute Mix

Time after time, Kaskade continues to contribute hot tracks to today’s House music scene, no doubt! And so, it is only fitting to pay tribute by sampling some of their very best tracks all remixed by an eclectic bunch of talented house heads, including Saint Even himself. This collection is certain to contain those hits that lead to our passion and love for House music and more specifically, Kaskade's style. And just like Kaskade’s style, this mix is smooth and mysterious, yet lively enough to fly you off into positive space where you won't stay still.


1. Kaskade - True (Featuring Finn Bjarnson)
2. Summer of Space - With You (Kaskade Does Rock Mix)
3. Kaskade - Stars Align (Extended Mix)
4. Kaskade - In This Life (Cabin Crew Mix)
5. Kaskade - Sorry (Vuetone Extended Mix)
6. Kaskade - Be Still (Jay-J's Shifted Up Mix)
7. Summer of Space - Hearts Reaction (Kaskade Electro Rub)
8. Kaskade - Everything (Big Room Mix)
9. Kaskade - Steppin' Out (12 inch Mix)
10. Freemasons - I Feel Like (Kaskade Cover)
11. Kaskade - It's You It's Me (More Vox Mix)
12. Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets
13. Kaskade - Wink of an Eye (Vuetone Mix)
14. Kaskade - Arrival