This mix is hot and viraginous (no it’s not left over lorem ipsum, it’s really latin for heroic babe). Verago is supersexy, yet very chill. It is the perfect soundtrack for night time entertaining. Smooth and upbeat there are some satisfying, funky and well crafted tracks. Check out Forever Running by Benjamin Bass and Jesus was a B-boy by Ben Mono and featuring Jemini, who says she saw the burning bush and smoked it. This is likely true for Purple Project as well. Their track I Don’t Wanna Be is some of the best Electro House ever blazed. Very rich synths permeate the entire mix, and build up to a gorgeous climax crowned by We Hold On by Kaz James, which is truly anthemic. Even the comedown is cool, graciously brought to you by Silver City and Saint Even. Enjoy.


01 Jeff Daniels & Ollie Ple' - Next To Me (Ruben Alvarez Remix)
02 John Dahlback - Winners & Fools (I Had A Feeling (Roman Salzger Remix))
03 Shik Stylko - That Night (Matt Caseli & Sebastian Krieg Remix)
04 Benjamin Bates - Forever Running (Eelco Ladan Remix)
05 Ben Mono feat Jemeni - Jesus Was A B-Boy (Moulinex)
06 Consoul Trainin feat Joan Kolova - Stop (Diego Donati vs F&A Factor Club)
07 Purple Project - I Don't Wanna Be (Main Floor Mix)
08 John Dahlback - Pyramid (Original Mix)
09 Balazko - Strange Love (Original Mix)
10 Kaz James - We Hold On (Adam K & Soha Mix)
11 Disco, Wheels - Always On My Mind (Chris Cargo Remix)
12 Silver City - Victoria Jam