Winter Chills

Not necessarily über-chill or even too winter-esque this mix is actually upbeat downtempo, and will ultimately brighten your grey day. Hidden in this assortment are rare treasures from well-known artists such as Sigur Ros, Trent Møller, Lake Night Alumni, and Röyksopp. Chill refers not to the overall nuance of the mix but to the relaxed yet energized feeling it invites. Provide the perfect backdrop for any stylish scene and abandon the winter blues.


01 Nengyne - Young Humans
02 Sigur Ros - Saeglópur
03 Xenton - Elbchaussee
04 Pelpp - Red Blue Sailboat
05 Trentemøller - Evil Dub
06 Kéli - Awakenings
07 Late Night Alumni - Eros
08 Röyksopp - Triumphant
09 Skye - What's Wrong With Me
10 Anschlagdynamyk - Rueckzugsgebiet
11 Ominous Cloud - Let Me Down
12 PhabeFX - Erde
13 Nengyne - Polly_p
14 WillnNikki - Follow The Idea
15 Aenea - For Whom The Bell Tolls
16 Spirit Catcher - Sweet Deal