Special Delivery (Sweet Somethings Series 005)


01. Izmo feat. Chris Udoh - The genius that is (original mix)
02. Darryl D'Benneau - Say you're gona stay (Jovonn Next Moov club mix)
03. Greymatter feat. Heidi Vogel - Believe in something (Fanatix vocal mix)
04. BSTC feat. JL - Love it (Phil Asher's Restless Soul Voval mix)
05. Sofia Rubina - Make me beautiful (Reelsoul mix)
06. Sterling Ensemble feat. Jon Secada - When nightime falls (Frankie
Feliciano mix)
07. Choklate - The tea (Manoo vocal mix)
08. Mario Basanov feat. Akmej - Summer breeze (Groove Assasin mix)
09. Kemal - Free yourself
10. Julius Papp - Dub Stylee
11. Jovonn feat. Carole Sylvan - feelin' better (Jovonn Next Moov club mix)

** mixed by Sole Essential
** artwork by Michal Marcol