Those Comfortable Moods (Sweet Somethings Series 003)


O1. Roed Svensk ft. Simon Green – If you remain (Dolls Combers fashion remix)
O2. Deep Soul Project ft. Danny – This light we've seen
O3. Mustafa – Sao Salvador (M's Deep Vocal mix)
O4. Harley & Muscle ft. Byron Stingly – My friend (Franky Boisy remix)
O5. Musol ft. Diana Waite – The solution (Central Avenue rework)
O6. Darkness Jones – Da basspushers (Dodgy Hip's Sleep Tomorrow remix)
O7. Funktrain ft. Nica Brooke – Sweetly (Liquid Breeze Project remix)
O8. John Oudo ft. Nicole Mitchell – I don't need you (deep Percussionsm Vocal mix)
O9. Anthony Romeno – Passion (Sensual mix)
1O. Oscar P – Sexo (Javi Lopez Nite mix)
11. Sole Kitchen – Back in the day (original mix)
12. Manuel Romero – Deep plastic