Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is House Music?

House music takes its name from an old Chicago night club The Warehouse. The Warehouse is where resident DJ, Frankie Knuckles, mixed old disco classics, new Eurobeat pop and synthesized beats into a frantic high-energy amalgamation of recycled soul. Some say House Music is a Feeling that's hard to define. Musically, House is a fusion of many different musical styles with its parents being Disco and R&B. The musical Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles that define House include Classic Rock, New Wave, Electro, and Jazz. The definitive House sound is an intense 4-on-the-floor kickdrum, a percussive and repetitive open high hat, along with a crisp syncopated snare. The bass lines are groovy and the pianos, strings, and synthesizers form the creamy melodic top layer. House Music is the Father of, and defines nearly all styles of electronic dance music today.

2. What is a Loop?

The term "loop" describes a snippet of a performance that has been edited to repeat seamlessly when the audio file is played end to end. Loops are usually between one and four bars in length.

3. Are VueLoops house music loops the same as one shots?

No, one-shots are single note samples, hits or stabs recorded from real instruments, drum machines and synthesizers. One-shots are used in samplers to create musical patterns.

4. How do I use VueLoops house music loops?

VueLoops are best used by layering several looped parts (drums, pads, keys etc.) over the top of each other in different sequences to create your own compositions.

5. What programs support VueLoops?

VueLoops house music loops can be used with any audio software that supports AIF/WAV/REX file formats such as Apple Logic (Pro & Express), Garageband, Soundtrack Pro, Acid, Cubase, Sonar, Cakewalk, Reason, FLStudio, Ableton Live and many others.

6. What file formats are VueLoops house music loops?

VueLoops are in one of four formats; AIF (Apple Loops), WAV (Acid WAV) REX (Rex2) and MP3.

7. What are REX files?

REX files were created by Propellerhead's. REX files are rhythmic audio files that have been sliced up in Propellerhead's Recycle and reformatted to produce a file that includes the sample data and sequence information. These files can be loaded into many of today'smost popular audio software (Reason, Logic, Stylus RMX, Cubase, Acid and many more!) and will automatically sync to the host tempo.

8. What is the quality of VueLoops house music loops?

All VueLoops are recorded in digital quality with experienced studio musicians. All AIF, WAV and REX files are recorded in 24 Bit. MP3s are at 128 kbps.

9. Do VueLoops work on both PC and Mac?

Yes, the AIF (Apple Loops) format is proprietary to Mac based software while the WAV (Acid WAV) format is for PC based software. Macs can read WAV files too. REX files will work in their native format on both Mac and PC.

10. What are the benefits of using VueLoops house music loops?

VueLoops house music loops allow you to construct songs with ease and requires little or no musical background. You are able to layer several looped parts (drums, pads, keys etc.) in different sequences to create your very own compositions. Programs such as GarageBand, Apple Logic and Acid allow you to automatically adjust loops of differing speeds to work perfectly together at the same tempo. These programs also allow you to change the key of each loop to be in harmony with the rest of your composition.

11. Do I need special permission to use VueLoops on my website?

No, loops are a great way to add music to any web site without the worry of huge file sizes. Programs such as Adobe Flash allows you to import audio files that can be looped repeatedly.

12. May I repost VueLoops on my own website?

No, VueLoops house music loops (Free or Purchased) are licensed to you and it is not permitted for you to distribute these loops in their original format. You may create your own compositions using these loops and post your finished product on your website. Feel free to refer other users to download their own copy of house music loops.

13. Do I need to obtain a special license to use VueLoops house music loops in commercial projects?

No, VueLoops house music loops are licensed to you royalty free and you can use them on as many of your own projects as you like. Good Luck!

14. Can I distribute the music I’ve created with VueLoops house music loops without paying royalties?

Yes, VueLoops house music loops are licensed to you for royalty free use when purchased or downloaded directly from us.

15. Do I have to credit Vuetone Studios if I use any of VueLoops house music loops on a project?

No, You do not need to list us in your credits...but we certainly would appreciate it!

16. Can my writing partner or friend use a copy of my loops on their computer?

No, the license to use these music loops is on a per-person (singleuser) basis. They would need to download their own copy to use it ontheir computer.

17. Can I use the VueLoops demo songs?

Yes, they are there for you to use as well as give you an idea of what these house music loops can do. Demo songs can be sampled, remixed or used in any other application without special permission from IHM. All we ask is that you give credit where credit is due and reference the composer... Vuetone Studios.