Dance Party 2010


The Happy Boys are a DJ duo with a series of top-ten charting mix albums. The albums, which form the Party series, i.e. Techno Party, Dance Party and so on, are compilations of popular club tracks and remixes of pop songs. The albums have contributions from artists including Ferry Corsten, Warp Brothers and DJ Tiësto.


1. Evacuate The Dancefloor -Cascada
2. I Know You Want Me (Calle ocho)-Pitbull
3. Took The Night -Chelley
4. Infinity (Klaas Vocal Edi) - Guru Josh Project
5. Connected - Kendi
6. White Horse(Whelan & Di Scala Mix) - Sarah McLeod
7. Another Day (Sunfreakz Mix) - Sophia May
8. Headlights - Mia J
9. The Sound Of Missing You (Dave Ramone Radio Edit) - Ameerah
10. Let The Feelings Go - AnnaGrace
11. Heartbreak - M'black
12. Broken Strings (Sebo Reed Electro Mix) - Carefree
13. Feel Your Love - Kim Sozzi
14. Everytime - Daisy
15. Remember (la di da) - Lucas Prata
16. Gone -Lasgo