Loungin' House Loop Pack

Deep Tech-House loop pack by Sample Magic
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Want to delve deeper into the naked, intimate sound of House? Welcome inside the hypnotic and seductive grooves of Loungin' House. Luxurious dance floor beats, mixed with sexy Latin style percussion, lush chords, samples and more. Spice your groove with Dusty Rhodes Chords, Smooth and Warm Pads, Funky Basstones, Synths, Riffs and FX-Vox Noises

2600 Rex2 loops and more than 5400 Wav loops & samples, all produced and recorded for Loungin House. This is the ultimate House groove toolbox for any Stylus RMX & Reason user! The Rex2 Xpander series is an intuitively organized library specially prepared and organized for use within Stylus RMX and Reason, but of course also works with any other WAV and Rex2 reading software; Cubase, Logic, ProTools, etc. 

The outstanding feature of the Rex2 Xpander, Loungin House is its True Drum Loop Separation of ALL Rex2 loops, the Kick, Snare, Hihat, Percussion, yes EVERY single elements of a loop are provided. Finally professional drum loops you can mix, eq, tune and combine with thousands of other loop elements, giving you infinite groove combinations, all edited and created by yourself, and playable at ANY tempo/BPM.


  • 2616 Rex2 Drum & Music Loops
  • Organized in Bass drums, Snare-Clap-Rim, Hihat-Rides, Shakers, Congas, Percussion, Music & FX folders
  • 102 Drum Kits
  • 503 WAV Drum & Music Loops
  • Full loops, hihat-shaker, percussion, and music & FX loops
  • 4960 WAV Drum, Music & FX Samples
  • Dusty Rhodes chords, smooth and warm pads, funky basstones, synths, riffs, and FX-Vox noises


This product is compatible with the following...

Acid Adobe Audition Akai MPC1000 Akai MPC2000 Akai MPC2500 Akai MPC4000 Akai S1000 Audio CD Player Battery Cubase Digital Performer Drumcore EXS24 FL Studio GarageBand HALion Kontakt Live Logic MachFive Nuendo ProTools Reaper Reason Record SampleTank Software that can extract files from an Audio CD Sonar Soundtrack Structure Studio One Transfuser